Hannah // Blue Ridge Parkway Bridal Session

February 9, 2018

It has been SO hard to keep this session a secret waiting on Hannah’s wedding day to arrive.  But now that she’s finally Mrs. Johnston, I can post them!

Hannah loves the mountains, and wanted to do her bridal session in a place that offered epic mountain views.  She brought her bride tribe with her (which I LOVE) and we hiked up the side of the mountain to our decided spot.  The weather up there is never certain, and even the forecast ends up being wrong more often than not.

As we hiked up, we noticed a HUGE cloud coming towards the peak…but crossed our fingers that it wouldn’t affect her photos. As we started shooting, the cloud moved closer and closer, and before we knew it, we were IN the cloud! Hannah rolled with it, popped a bottle of champagne with her girls, and grabbed some snuggly photos with her pup Zoe Claire while the views were obscured.

Just as we were getting ready to head back down the mountain, the clouds parted and showed us one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve EVER seen, complete with rolling clouds and shifting fog. I did my happy photographer dance several times while we finished her session.  I’m sure you’ll be able to see why I was doing my happy dance as you scroll through her photos.

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