Ashley + Andrew // Castle Ladyhawke Wedding

March 12, 2016

Truth be told, Ashley and Andrew are one of the easiest couples that I have ever worked with.  They drove all the way from Chapel Hill/Durham area on the weekend that I chose for their engagement session.  So, when they asked me if they could bring props to their session, of course, I was fine with it.  I had no idea that when they said props, they meant full on Renaissance Fair attire…complete with suit of armor.  I wish I had taken photos of the getting the suit of armor on Andrew in the parking lot across the street.  That in itself was a feat! We did the armor/damsel in distress outfits at the very end of their session, and you can tell by looking at the photos, at that point, they were totally comfortable with being their silly selves.

It’s amazing how they were so comfortable with each other, so quick to make the other smile, and so dang photogenic. 

That, my friends, is why I encourage all of my couples to do an engagement session.  It gives you a chance to get to know me, and how I work.  And it gives me a great chance to see how you interact with each other in front of the camera.  You may be cool with PDA any way, but the game changes when there is a giant camera in your face.  Ashley and Andrew had no trouble, and even snuggled up a bit closer than normal for me.   Make sure to look all the way to the end…you won’t be sorry!

Ashley gave Andrew a sneak peek of just what might happen if he doesn’t behave!

This was EASILY one of my most favorite spots ever too!! All photographers love a good field of flowers!

Every girl needs a knight in shining armor, right ?

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