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May 12, 2016

I met Ashley and Andrew at a wedding festival.  I immediately formed a connection with them, and knew that I HAD to shoot their wedding.

I joked with them at their consultation that we could do some unique photoshop things to give them that EPIC shot that they were looking for.  They told me that they loved Renaissance stuff, and even did some sword fighting lessons (Make sure to check out their engagement session to see some of their super cool Renaissance attire!). They told me that they were very into Game of Thrones, and that there would be some indication of that during the reception.  I told them that I had always wanted to shoot a castle wedding, and that I couldn’t imagine a better couple to help me out with that!

Ashley and Andrew are amazing people.  A number of times during the wedding day,  I caught myself smiling at the expression on Andrew’s face when he looked at Ashley.  It was blatantly obvious to everyone that he absolutely adores her.  This wedding was by far one of my favorites that I’ve had the privilege of shooting. A HUGE thank you to Ashley and Andrew for allowing me to participate in their wedding day!

There were SO many fun places to hang Ashley’s dress at Castle Ladyhawke. I joke with my brides that they don’t want to see what I do with their dress until after it’s done.  I think that might include hanging a wedding gown from a castle turret, some 40 feet up 😉

The fellas in Andrew’s entourage were definitely fun guys.  They were sure to include their daggers, swords and such (Forgive me Andrew, for not knowing all the right terms!) in their photos!

And how gorgeous was Ashley?? I mean, seriously.

Ashley and Andrew’s first look was so incredibly sweet.  He just couldn’t stop smiling! (Not that I blame him).  And the couple that sword fights together, stays together, right?

The giggles before the kiss were because the pastor MIGHT have forgotten to let Andrew kiss Ashley!

Why get married at a castle if you don’t take advantage of all of the cool scenery that a castle has to offer?  Ashley and Andrew were game for everything that I suggested (my favorite kind of couple).

and…you can’t have a castle wedding without a dragon, right?

Ashley and Andrew also told me at their consultation that they considered themselves to be a wee bit obsessed with some things other people might consider to be nerdy, including Star Wars.  The laugh from Andrew shown in the above photo was because one of the groomsmen let out a PERFECT Chewbacca call as they came down the stairs!

I can honestly say that it was so sweet watching Ashley dance with her dad at the reception.  Being a self professed daddy’s girl, there is just something special about the daddy-daughter connection.

And cutting a cake with a sword? Only the coolest couples can pull that off!

The promised hat-tip to Game of Thrones during the reception didn’t disappoint! Andrew arranged for his garter catching buddies to be fired upon (thankfully only with Nerf darts).  I think this scene might have ended a bit worse in GoT.

I also don’t know that I’ve ever seen a crowd that was more ready to dance!  Bride and groom even joined in for some Gangnam Style moves!

I absolutely could NOT have made this day work without the AMAZING talent of my second shooter, Amelia. She’s always a lifesaver, and this day was no exception!

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