Emma // Lake Toxaway Bridal Session

September 11, 2016

First of all, I would apologize for the long blog post…IF I were sorry.  But I’m not.  And after you see these photos from Emma’s magical bridal session, you’ll thank me.  I learned a long time ago that when I do a session with anyone in this family, they bring the crew.  And I always have a blast hanging out with these ladies.  Between Lauren’s incredible hair and makeup abilities, Corinne going to all lengths to make sure the horses are cooperative, and Rachel providing comic relief and that extra hand, I have it easy. It’s a bonus that they’re all gorgeous and let me take their pictures.

I love the idea of a bride with a horse.  But let’s be real…horses are big, a bit unpredictable, and usually don’t take direction all that well.  And most brides love the idea too, but when it comes down to execution, if you’ve never really been around horses, they can be a bit intimidating and it’s hard to hide “freaked out” on your face in a photograph.  BUT…when you have a bride that grew up around horses, and wants to use her absolutely BEAUTIFUL own horse for her bridal session, it’s really a no-brainer.  You let her bounce ideas off of you, and your inner little girl secretly squeals with delight that you get this kind of opportunity.

Emma was no less than the fairy tale princess that I imagined she would be.  She is one of the most gentle spirits that I’ve ever encountered and her love of animals radiates through her.  The trust between Emma and her horses allowed me to capture some sweet moments between them. The sweet little pony at the end of the post has been Emma’s companion since she was 6! She and Emma are the same age, and while she’s a bit cranky in her old age, she still has a soft spot for Emma. 

It has absolutely been a CHALLENGE to wait until now to post these. Stay tuned for photos from their sweet wedding yesterday! 

MANY thanks to the amazing people that helped pull this shoot off!

Bridal Hair and Makeup: Lauren Tritt, Parlour 232 – Hendersonville NC

Florals: Blossom Jar, Shana Huggins – Cashiers NC

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