Tiffany + Jake // Magnolia Plantation & Charleston, SC Engagement Session

January 9, 2019

If someone asks me if I want to go to Charleston, the answer is ALWAYS yes. If someone asks me if I want to take photos of a beautiful couple in my favorite place in the whole world, you get a HECK yes. Tiffany and Jake offered me the opportunity to do just that this past summer. She had so many good ideas about what she wanted…but one of the BEST parts? She trusted me to give her the photos she was looking for. That meant she trusted on me time of day, locations, and posing.  I wish I could take credit for their outfits, but that was ALL Tiffany (she’s got great taste for sure!). There were SO many more photos that I wanted to include in this series, but these are the ones that I just couldn’t resist!

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