Ashley + Aaron | Greenville SC Engagement Session

January 21, 2016

I’ve known Aaron for a VERY long time and he’s always been a good guy… but when he met Ashley, he changed.  And let’s be very honest.  His snagging Ashley is best described by one of my dad’s favorite analogies: “He out-punted his coverage”.  However he did it, we’re all so glad he did.  His entire world was flipped upside down and suddenly he was head over HEELS for this gorgeous, sweet girl…and her adorable little boy, Maddox.  I truly think Maddox (affectionately known as Mad-Man) stole Aaron’s heart every bit as much as Ashley did.  He’s a HUGE part of Aaron’s world, and I never imagined that Aaron would look as comfortable with a little guy as he does with Maddox.  So this wasn’t your typical engagement session.  Yes, there was a guy and a girl and a ring.   But there is also one very special little boy…who might have stolen the show…just a little bit.  Aaron and Ashley are absolutely perfect for each other, and their love is absolutely clear in their photos. Their June wedding will be absolutely perfect, and I can’t wait to be there to capture every second. 


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