Aubrie + Connie // LGBT Asheville Wedding

January 23, 2016

Aubrie and Connie are both gorgeous. They’re also both a LOT of fun.  When they booked me to shoot their backyard wedding, I couldn’t have been more excited.  Their story (in their own words) is intertwined with the photos below, but I think it’s perfectly obvious that these two are perfect for each other by looking at the photos themselves.  You can also tell just how much family and friends mean to them, and that there MIGHT be a little bit of an Aggie allegiance somewhere in there too. Check out their photos and leave them some love.

How did you meet? Aubrie: We met through mutual friends at a little get together. Connie was the cool, outgoing girl with the wild laugh, and I was the quiet girl too shy to have a conversation.  ConnieShe is pretty spot on. I actually didn’t even remember meeting her the first time or two, and the third time we hung out I thought she was a foreign exchange student that didn’t speak english. A friend happened to show me a photoshoot with some photos of Aubrie, and I was shocked that I hadn’t met this pretty girl..and wanted to know who she was. Chelsea informed me that I’d already met her…three times. Oops. It all worked out in the end!

How did you know she was the one? Aubrie: I will never forget the first time we held hands in public. It was a big deal in our Texas town, and in that moment I knew that was the hand I wanted to hold for the rest of my life. Also, every time I went over to her house I never wanted to be anywhere else so that was a pretty good indication.  ConnieThe memory of us holding hands is a big one. I’d had plenty of previous girlfriends and long term relationships but there was so much excitement between us even with that small moment. I’d held plenty of hands, and it sounds silly that something so small could mean so much, but our chemistry has always been amazing. I think the thing that stands out to me are all the little things she does. One day, I came home from work exhausted and flung myself on the couch, and after just a second she came over and pulled my shoes off, took my accessories off and put them all away to make sure I could relax. She has done this for me for years. She always takes care of me in the smallest and most sincere of ways, when I forget to take care of myself.

How did she propose? Aubrie: Connie went above and beyond with her proposal. She came home from work early, handed me a rose, then took me on a journey downtown. I studied architecture for 6 years, so Connie decided to learn everything about the architecture in Downtown Asheville and take me on an architectural tour. She had a friend leave a rose at buildings with historical significance that also served as a metaphor for us. We visited buildings all around downtown until I had a dozen roses in my hand. The last stop was in Pack’s Square where I was greeted by more flowers, a card with her proposal written in it, and a best of all, a gorgeous Connie with a ring in her hand. We cried too much to get any words out. It was perfect.  ConnieShe’s got this one spot on. I had to read up on architecture for weeks, and wrote footnotes on little cards to make sure I could keep it all straight. This city was not supposed to flourish. It had been through a heck of a history, and there were architects who saw some beauty and some potential in it, and helped bring it to life and give it a second chance. It was a perfect metaphor for us.

What is your favorite thing about your spouse? Aubrie: Her heart and her selflessness. Hands down.  ConnieOh my gosh so many things. Her endless patience. Her level headed, calm demeanor. She keeps me grounded and has made every other woman on earth disappear as far as I’m concerned. I was always one to wander, and have a foot out the door at all times, and this incredible woman has put me all in, like it was easy. Not to mention, have you seen that booty??

What inspired your wedding? Aubrie: The property we live on is amazingly beautiful, and when we found this place we knew right away we wanted to have our wedding here. It was a perfect setting for a rustic wedding.  ConnieMy faith in Aubrie’s eye for detail, this incredible property we are so privileged to live in, and giving this wonderful woman a wedding she’ll never forget.

What was your favorite part about your wedding day? Aubrie: Since our wedding, Connie and I have mentioned multiple times a day that we could relive our wedding day over and over. It’s so hard choosing a favorite moment when the whole day could not have been more perfect. If I have to choose, I’d say the couple’s creatives photoshoot. We got to spend a few minutes of a very social day just being in awe of each other.  ConnieI loved our first look. She blew me away. Absolutely stunning. Also, our first dance I know happened in the middle of that dance floor, but I swear we were the only two in the room at the time in my mind. It was perfect.

Advice for future brides? Aubrie: Listen with open ears and an open heart, and trust your partner. Make decisions together and don’t dismiss each others words and ideas. Ever.  ConnieMarry a woman. Pinterest is so much easier with two women. ;););)

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