Candace + Hunter // Blue Ridge Parkway Engagement Session

October 6, 2017

I couldn’t have picked a more perfect day for Candace and Hunter’s engagement session.  The hike up the mountain was filled with laughter and talk of wedding plans, and the weather was absolutely perfect.  We reached the top to find out that there was not one, but there were TWO wedding ceremonies going on! From our vantage point on the pinnacle, we could see both couples say ‘I Do’!

I was worried that we’d have to share the rock with all of the afternoon’s other hikers, but surprisingly, we mostly had it to ourselves! There was just enough wind to blow Candace’s long curls around a bit and make Hunter want to wrap his arms around her to keep her warm.

Not only did I have an AMAZING couple to photograph,  I had the best assistant ever.  I wish I could take my sweet husband with me for EVERY session.

Candace and Hunter, I cannot WAIT to share in your wedding day.  Candace, you’re going to be the most beautiful bride!

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