Becky + Joe // Craggy Gardens Trail | Asheville, NC Engagement Photo Session

April 25, 2017

Joe and Becky have quite the sense of adventure. When Becky and I started discussing where they might like to do their engagement session, one theme prevailed.  Mountains.  She wanted a place where the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains would take center stage, right after she and Joe, of course.  

The wildfires that were raging around WNC late fall of last year seriously limited our available options, but we thought that maybe, just maybe, Craggy Gardens would be high enough altitude to avoid the smoky air.  Guess what, we were right.  If you look closely at some of their photos, you can see the smoke line, hovering like a blanket over the surrounding mountains. 

I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to spend the afternoon with.  Their natural chemistry with each other is a photographer’s dream, and I spent most of the afternoon capturing their sweet smiles, rather than directing them how to pose or act.  

As I was shooting their wedding last weekend, Becky reminded me of one of the few directions that I gave them toward the end of their session.  As they climbed out on the rock to do some photos, the wind picked up and it got COLD.  Becky said that my exact words were, “Number one, and most importantly, don’t fall and die. Second, let’s do this. It’s freezing.”  I have no doubt that I said exactly that. But the photos were SO worth it.  

Stay tuned for their wedding blog, coming soon!

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